Instructions for Off-Campus Housing

  1. Determine who you want to live with, where you want to live around campus, and how much you can afford for rent per month.
  2. Search for houses or apartments and select the rental properties that are available & within your range.
  3. Contact us to schedule an appointment to see some rental properties with a realtor.
  4. Go to the showing and tour rental properties with your realtor.
  5. Receive and fill out the APPLICATION (see below). You fill out and sign one part, your cosignor fills out and signs the other.
  6. Discuss desired properties with parents and roommates. Make sure APPLICATIONS are complete and proof of incomes are sent.
  7. Pick a few desired properties that you want and ask your realtor to make offers for them.
  8. If denied, choose your second or third pick or look at more rental properties with your realtor.
  9. If accepted, receive and review the lease with your roommates and parents.
  10. Make an appointment with your realtor to sign the lease and gather money for the deposit.
  11. Sign lease, drop off deposit at the office, and make an appointment to collect 1st month rent before moving in.
  12. Meet with your realtor to drop off rent, discuss renters insurance, set up utilities, & make an appointment for walk-through of your new rental property.
  13. Transfer all utilities into your names, obtain renter’s insurances, and email confirmations to your landlord or property manager.
  14. Do walk-through of your rental property and receive the keys.
  15. Move-in and enjoy!

College Students